Car rental extras

When it comes to travelling there is often a dilemma between money saving and comfort. On the one hand, low-cost air flights, cheap car rentals and three stars hotel can save you a pretty sum of money during your vacation, but on the other poor quality service may leave an unpleasant impression from your travel. One of the points to consider whether to save on them or not are car rental accessories.

If you are planning on renting a car, pay attention to optional extras that may really assist you while being on vacation: 

  • Navigation system – Are you thinking of visiting a new city? Then plan your route in advance otherwise you can get lost. Or better opt for a GPS system when renting a car. It will add extra bucks to your expenses but you'll feel confident wherever you drive.
  • Child Seats – Family with kids usually have a child seat at home, but it is too bulky to take it to the trip. Imagine yourself piled with luggage trying to make your way through a crowd of people,angry and irritated. In this case Vancouver, Ottawa or Toronto Airport car rental with a child seat inside will be your safety belt. So better rent a car with this extra option to make your trip (and your child) comfortable.
  • Ski racks – They will be handy if you have lots of luggage and want to free up space for other items. But keep in mind, they will cost you about $9 per day.
  • DVD player – It's a necessity rather than luxury if you are travelling with kids. Keep them entertained during long trips and enjoy your drive!


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