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Finally you are getting some time off and thinking to make a trip for your pleasure. Here is the chance to feel the wind of freedom and enjoy your life! Your family is also willing to take some vacation trip with you to some place you wanted to visit long time back – city of Toronto.

Toronto is the largest city of Canada. It’s an industrial, business and cultural center of the country. Thousands of tourists arrive to Toronto every day from all the corners of the globe to enjoy their time in this fantastic city.

It’s not only about a great shopping experience (while you can surely enjoy it as Toronto got plenty of fashion boutiques and shopping malls). There are a lot of other places to visit – such as a number of award-winning restaurants where you can taste the bison meat, while enjoying a magnificent view on all those places:


  • Giant skyscrapers;

  • Old mansions;

  • Picturesque parks;

  • Historical theaters, museums and galleries;

  • The futuristic City Hall complex;

  • Amusement parks;

  • The largest zoo in the world with over 3000 animals live;

  • The tallest television tower “CN Tower” and many other things.

Car hire Toronto DowntownAre you ready to travel now? If so, pack your suitcase, prepare your camera and think over the best mode of transportation in Toronto. And this is definitely a car hire in Toronto downtown.

Advice to tourists: Would it be practical to rent a car? Certainly!

  • First of all, you will not be dependent on anybody and you will a chance to visit any place you like.

  • Second, you won’t have to suffer from overcrowded buses or to wait for trams for hours.

  • Third, you will manage to visit all the remarkable sights within a short period of your travel.

How to get to Niagara Falls? Here we have another advantage of rented vehicle. The driver’s cabin can be equipped with a portable navigation device, so you just need to follow the route. You will spend an hour and a half on the road, but then you will enjoy the enthralling sight, how water falls down into the wide gulf. It’s also important that you won’t worry about your return to the hotel.

Why should you make a deal with us?

If you aren’t going to look for excitement in public transportation, welcome to Iversta. Our company provides a wide range of services:

  • A cheap car hire in Toronto downtown;

  • We meet a client at the airport, Union Station and then escort him to our office, where their automobiles are waiting ready to go;

  • Weekly discounts will help you to save some money;

  • Reasonable payment for hire.

Our web site contains a complete catalog of available car models. All our vehicles are well equipped and there is a choice of different car sizes, colors, body types, models and manufacturers. There are GPS navigation devices available to be rented. There are cars with Bluetooth technology inbuilt, with USB and AUX ports, as well as other nice futures such as heated seats, cruise control and A/C, and if you have a baby you can rent a special child seats or baby booster seats.

We’ll do everything for you to be pleased with your journey. Make a reservation right now. Yours faithfully,

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