Buy a car

This sound strange but this is a fact – you can buy the car you rent from IVERSTA RENTALS if you like it - however this is done from another business affiliated with our group - Iversta Inc used car dealership! Our company has established good connections with the dealerships and best auctions in Toronto area who supply us with the best cars on the market. We buy only certified quality vehicles and we are not afraid to sell it. This is good for us but even better for you – you can try your selected vehicle while renting it for few weeks’ time and then (when you are sure this is a good choice) you can buy it at agreed price - however the transaction has to take place via our dealership. We will make some smaller money on the car (as we will lose a good unit for rental) but we will free our capital to buy another car to rent. 

The benefits of the rent-to-buy deal are obvious – you will never get such an offer at the dealerships. You have to choose your car and buy it, and only after that you can drive it. With IVERSTA it`s an opposite way to do – rent it, try it and buy it when ready!

Please browse below some categories of the vehicles which may be on the special offer and contact our office to check what

Sorry, currently no models for sale