Discounts & Deals

There are lots of discount programs and special deals offered from many car rental operators. But what we offer from iVersta Rentals is more structured and logical approach to your car rental rates: become our registered member and save your money! How? It`s easy. In many cases you will be able to save already with the first rental by getting member`s discount. During the hot season you will get a priority in your booking reservations compare to non-members reservations. And you will be automatically enrolled in our newsletter list so you will not miss any special deals or offers. If you plan to become our frequent renter, you will be able to accumulate and use our reward points for each of your rental day. And we have much more other benefits for our members. You will be savings money again and again…


Not sure if you want to register with our club right now? No problem! Please browse below through the list of our discount programs available now. 

Iversta car rental

  • Weekly Discount

    If you planning to rent the vehicle from us on a weekly basis take advantage of our weekly discount program! You can save up to 15-20% if renting a car on a weekly basis.

  • Monthly Discount

    In case you plan to rent the vehicle on monthly basis we can provide really good rates for you. 

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