Attention: Please note that normally we remain closed on Public Holidays and Sundays (unless agreed in advance and vehicle is confirmed to be issued to you duriung those days by our office).If you submit any reservation for out of office hours (our office hours are 9am to 7pm) or for public holidays/Sundays it will be subject to review by our management and can not be treated as a final booking. We do provide the service during out of office hours and on holidays if confirmed by our rental office. Please check with our office to make sure we will be able to do it before submitting final reservation.


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Documentation Requirements
Our company accepts ONLY Unrestricted Driver Licenses (permitted age 24-75 years old). Holders of the driving licenses with restrictions have to check with their local province laws and will NOT be issued a rental vehicle as per conditions of our insurance policy. Any discrepancies may result in declinig to rent the vehicle.
Only full class driver license G class of Ontario (or equal) to be accepted. G2 or similar class beginner licenses will not be accepted by our company starting from 15th April 2022 due to insurance restrictions.
Renting the vehicle to the holders of driving licenses outside of North America is subject to our rental location review. Must conditions for accepting the license are: English language on the license, original passport and additional ID.

Reservation Time Requirements
Please note that the reservations submitted later than 72 hours prior to pick up date/time are considered as subject to availability. If you reserve the vehicle within 72 hours of your pickup time please contact our office to confirm your booking. 
Please note that the vehicles booked are guaranteed to be kept for 1 hour beyond your reservation time. If you will be late for more than 1 hour, our office can not guarantee your reservation (this may lead to revision of your booking details and rates).
For Late Hours pick up or drop off please read our Late hours pickup or drop off policy. The minivans rental have strictly no cancellation policy (full amount will be charged in case of late cancellation later than 72 hours).
The minimum rental duration which our company accepts is 2 days for regular days and minimum of 3 days for long weekends. If any booking will be done for less duration our company reserves the right to cancel it at our own judgement.
The reservations are subject to review by our office and if done less than 48 hours before the date/time of arrival are not guaranteed by our company and can be cancelled by our office with full refund.
During the public holidays such as Xmas, New Year, etc the company may have special requirements for the minimum rental period (which may be at least one week). Due to that please contact our office to confirm your reservation for the period overlapping public holidays (if you have a short time left till your starting rental date). Else we will contact you if any questions.
Our max permitted term of rental is 28 days in single contract. Once you reach the max term our vehicle must be returned to the rental location and can not not be extended any further. Any online reservations longer than 28 days will be automatically cut to 28 days term or cancelled (if rented does not agree for that).

Fuel Level Requirements
All vehicles rented must be returned with the same level of fuel as received. There will be a service charge (min 25 CAD cost) applied on the fuel cost if the vehicle will not be returned with the same level of fuel.

Late hours pick up or drop off policy
In case of the late hours pickup or drop off (after 6 pm or any time on Sunday) there is a late hours fee (as per current rates in Extras section of the step 3 of our web site reservation process) applied to each pickup / drop off. Please select it from the menu when processing your booking to make sure the booking amount is correctly reflecting the hours of your reservation.

Age Requirements
Minimum Age: 25 (some exlclusions can be made for yonger drivers of 24 years old on the rental office discretion)
Allowed Age without yong driver fees is 25 to 75 years old.
General rule: customers must be 24-75 years old to rent the vehicles from our company.

Additional Drivers
1 additional drivers permitted an additional chargeof 7 CAD applies per day (per additional driver)
Minimum Age for Additional Drivers: 25 years old (same requirements as to the main driver).
We allow additional drivers. Any additional driver to be charged at 7 CAD/driver per day. There are same requirements to the additional drivers as for the main driver.

Deposit Requirements
Cash deposits are not accepted but final payments can be made in cash upon return of the car.
Iversta Rentals Inc accepts the following rental deposits:
VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, other major credit cards.
Note: The deposit to be done by credit card only. However you may choose to pay by cash at the end of rental agreement. If you choose to pay with credit card there might be an extra 2.5% added to your bill amount (for VISA and MasterCard). Due to higher merchant charges in case you choose to pay with AMEX there will be an extra charge of 4% on top of the billing amount.

Payment Methods
Iversta Rentals Inc. accepts the following methods of payment:
VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover, other major credit cards or cash (at the end of the rental period).
Note: The deposit to be done by credit card only. However you may choose to pay by cash at the end of rental agreement. If you choose to pay with credit card there will be an extra 2.5% added to your bill amount (for VISA and MasterCard). Due to higher merchant charges in case you choose to pay with AMEX there will be an extra charge of 4% on top of the billing amount.

Optional Charges and Coverage
LDW limited coverage (Collision Damage Waiver)
17.99 CAD per day for vehicles from Compact to Full Size cars and 22.99 CAD per day for SUV to Minivans
125.93 CAD per week
Low Cost Damage Waiver (LDW) at 17.99 CAD/day with 2000 CAD deductible.
Additional Driver
7.00 CAD per day
49.00 CAD per week
Local pick-up and drop-off
15.00 CAD fixed
Local area pick-up and drop-off within accepted service area borders. It is not required for airport reservations as this cost is already included in airport bookings. 
For local reservations please contact our office to make sure the area is included in our pick up and drop off coverage.
GPS Garmin (or similar)
17.00 CAD/rental (if less a month) or 17.00 CAD/month for longer rental periods
GPS device with the detailed North American maps and voice navigation
Child Booster seat
25.00 CAD/rental period (or per month if rental period longer than a month)
For children from 4-12 years old.
Child seat
25.00 CAD/rental period (or per month if rental period longer than a month)
Child seat for children 0-3 years old.
Personal Accident Protection Plus (PAP)
4.50 CAD per day
31.50 CAD per week
PAP provides the renter with the Accidental Death or Dismemberment Benefits 24 hours per day during the term of the rental contract for the renter and passengers, and Emergency Road Service and Travel Expense in the event the customer is left stranded or is in a collision.
Personal Effects Coverage (PEC)
3.50 CAD per day
24.50 CAD per week
PEC insures that the renter is protected against all risk, loss or damage to the personal effects owned by and for the personal use of the renter, or passengers travelling with the renter. Some terms and conditions apply.
Overnight pick-up and drop off
Overnight pick-up/drop-off (10pm-7am) at the price: 30 CAD / pick-up/drop-off
Late/early pick-up/drop-off (6pm-10pm/7am-9am) at the price: 20 CAD / pick-up/drop-off
Overnight pick-up and drop-off is subject to the company approval. Please contact our office prior to processing any booking to make sure we will be able to pick you up and drop you off over selected hours.

Cancelation Policy
Compact to Full-size vehicle Cancellations must be submitted at least 72 hrs prior to pick up time. Cancellations within the 72 hrs period or for the Public Holidays/long weekends reservations are subject to a cancellation charge of 50 CAD (for vehicles of Compact to Full size class). For NY and Xmas periods there is strictly no cancellation policy (means full rental amount must be paid irrespective to the cancellation). The vehicles of the Passenger Vans/SUVs class have a strict no cancellation policy at any time. Full charge will apply as per your reservations for those vehicles. The information submitted during your online reservation is subject to review by Iversta Rentals Inc management prior to the final booking confirmation. 

Insurance and Coverage
Iversta Car Rentals provides the following coverages to the customers: CDW on Economy, Compact, Mid size and Full size is 17.99 CAD/day with a financial responsibility of 2000 CAD. CDW on Minivans and SUVS is 22.99 CAD/day with a financial responsibility of 2500 CAD.

Geographic Restrictions
Iversta Rentals allows our vehicles to travel outside the province provided that this was originally communicated in the rental agreement. There is mileage restrictions capped to 200 km/day with the excess mileage charges of 0.15 CAD/km (0.25 CAD/km for Minivans and SUVs) for each extra km above the daily cap. If the vehicle will travel outside of the province without previous agreement with our rental office (as part of the rental agreement), any CDW (if sold by our company) will be cancelled, we will charge a fee of 500 CAD and any excess mileage at 1 CAD/km. Please request our office for more details on available mileage packages. Company reserves the right to accept client`s mistake on that matter and limit the charges to the vehicle tracking fee of 35 CAD charged by security company for locating the vehicle for reposession. 
Driving on toll roads using our rental vehicles (such as highway 407) is not permitted. If actual driving on toll roads have taken a place during the rental period, there will be an additional 50 CAD administration processing fee applied to the EVERY rental bill plus actual amount of charges received from toll road company.