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Car rental in Toronto airport

Car Rental from Toronto Airport

Tired of using public transportation and taxis each time you’re touring the next city or country? Why not trying some great deals from iVersta Car Rentals Inc.? Of course, it won’t deliver your own car to City of Toronto but at least it will provide you with a worthy alternative. In our disposal, there are all kinds of vehicles. Herewith, our car rental agency offers you cheap car rentals Toronto Airport. Believe us: you won’t find any better alternative!

Speed Up With iVersta Car Rental

Cars are made for the people’s convenience, especially when you are on a trip in a new city and want to explore every corner of it. iVersta Car Rentals operates around the areas of Toronto and GTA. And so that you know, it’s one of the most visited cities in Canada among tourists and there are a lot of people staying there temporarily. If you came to Toronto and want to stay independent from public transportation, just rent a car from our agency!

car rental toronto airport

  • Start out by looking at our constantly updating car fleet portfolio.
  • Our choice of cars. The catalog includes categories to make the search faster. All of the cars remain in a perfect condition and may come with the additional devices such as GPS devices, baby seats or insurance packages like collision damage waiver (for an additional fee).
  • We have a choice on the economy, compact cars, and SUVs. This means every trip is possible, whether you have a small baby or you like touring with a large group of people.

Best Car Rentals Rates on the Market

Our company policy prefers to stick to fair prices that correspond to the service’s quality and yet are not overrated. At even one of the most demanded services is a car service from the airport. Our discount car rental Toronto Airport has a lower cost than the ones set by the car rental market in Canada. Herewith, customers receive all of the convenient conditions to get their awaiting vehicle almost right away. This includes your transfer right after your arrival from the airport to our nearest office (5 minutes away) and quick registration.

Also, we are proud of our:

  1. Safe online booking system. You can book online leaving a small deposit and pay a full price your debit/credit card at the time of car return.
  2. Wide choice of deals, special offers, sales promotions. You can read more on our last minute/weekly and monthly discounts. By the way, if you join iVersta Rental Club, you might want to participate in a special discount program for our VIP clients.
  3. Our extra services, such as collision damage insurance, delivering your vehicle to the approved place in the Toronto area, renting child safety seats, GPS navigators etc.

Order Your Dream Car Today!

iVersta knows everything how to make our car rental business even more demanded. We always perform on the high quality level and remain reputable among our customers. Just reach our company’s agents via phone, email or through the Contact Us page to learn more about our services. Travel comfortably with iVersta!