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A wise traveller knows how to deal with money matters and excess money expenses are definitely out of the list. There is a great deal of things you can save on during your traveling but most often it concerns airfares and hotels. These are really important issues to deal with while planning your journey but you also shouldn't omit car renting services that may cost you more than you expect. So let us help you to be more prepared for your trip and give you some tips on how you can get affordable car rentals:

  1. Choose a vehicle wisely. While deciding on what vehicle to choose you should take into account a number of people traveling with you. If you have a large family, then a SUV or a minivan is the best match, a smaller car is cheaper of course but it simply won't accommodate all of you. In case you are traveling alone, take the smallest car to save on rental services as well as on gas.
    Sometimes the size is not the main criteria. Manual transmission can be a challenge for some drivers, in this case consider on a car with a stick shift. Pay attention, in many countries cars with manual transmission is a standard. If you find it's principal then it's better to specify a type of transmission in advance.
  2. Book and Prepay. If you plan your trip in advance and want to save additional money, book a car and prepay it. Most of car rental companies have easy-to-use booking forms and is no exception. Fill in the fields or submit inquiry if you have any questions.
  3. It is always recommended to avoid the airport locations which are known to tack on fees. But what should you do if you are on a last-minute-decision trip and didn't have time to book a car in advance? See the point below.
  4. Shop around. This is a great misconception to think that car rental rates are about the same in each company. You will find a great number of car rental offices in airport locations but each of it will offer different rates. Look beyond big national chains and pick independent companies for instance Iversta. They often have lower rates even in airport locations, which are better to be omitted but can be very convenient when an on-the-spot trip is concerned. Thus if you are coming, say, to Toronto and looking for affordable Airport car rentals, consider on Iversta rental services but don't forget to shop around.
  5. Look for discount cars. Rental car agencies offer discount programs to their members and organizations they partner with. If you are not a part of that organization, it's better to become a member then. Usually it takes less than a minute to register and become a member but it can turn into a money-saving option. For example, at you are offered a range of membership benefits and club privileges.

    You can also surf the net for additional discount coupons. There can be a coupon code that avails you with extra opportunity to save money.
    Also keep in mind, the newer a car the higher its rent cost is. So consider on older discount cars but ask for car's maintenance record to be sure they undergone checkups and repairs before going on rentals.
  6. Rent for longer period. Weird it may sound but it really makes sense especially for short-term car leasing. For example, weekend rentals are intended for leisure travelers who care more about comfort than money saving. If you want to get both then compare two-day weekend rates with that when you add a couple of hours or an extra day. It may turn out to be cheaper by 20 percent and even more. If you are not sure about it, ask for penalties if you return the car after or before specified date/time.

Enjoy money-saving car rentals!

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