Airport car rentals

This is a known fact that hiring a car at airports is quite unreasonable because it will cost you too much, sometimes it's twice as expensive as offered at downtown locations. There are some reasons listed below to make you understand why a fee at airports is so high.

1 Extra comfort. This is really very convenient to find your car rental parked right at the airport entrance, then you can quickly squash the luggage in a trunk instead of dragging it to the nearest off-airport location. Want to enjoy it?

2 Customer facility tax. Nearly every municipality levies high taxes on airport car rentals. These extra costs are aimed for certain government projects and tourists seem to be the target audience for sponsoring them. That is why airport car renting services will cost you more when compared to similar ones at downtown area. But keep in mind, these charges differ from state to state, it means the fee you are to pay for Toronto Airport car rentals will differ from that at another airport location.

3 Lack of cars. The state of economy is unstable lately and car renting companies – especially smaller ones – do not have enough autos to satisfy the needs of the travelers. Hence, less cars higher the rental price is since there is still a demand for car rentals.

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