Any business needs a reliable and efficient transportation and travel arrangements. We understand this and we take a step further – with the iVersta Corporate Club membership you are getting not just a special and better rates, you are getting a special attitude.  As a part of that package your company will get a priority in any reservation and booking arrangements, guarantee on your booking time and class of the vehicle, special corporate rates, bonus programs and so much more. We will put whatever efforts possible to establish and to maintain a good and mutually beneficial business relationship.

If your business has special rental requirements we will be happy to discuss it and to come with the custom tailored programs. It might be based on your seasonable business variations, special vehicles requirements or other needs. Please remember that if we discuss and agree on any rental program in advance you may end up saving a lot of money.

Our company values B2B relationship with the corporate clients. As this is not only about your advantages. We also benefit from the continuous business relationship and will do whatever it takes to develop and maintain it with you for years.

Please feel free to submit your inquiry below for the special corporate program requests or register on our Corporate registration page online.