(Effective Date : 16 April , 2012)

The following Privacy Policy represents our commitment to maintain the privacy of your personal information that we collect during your visit or while you are using our corporate online services. By using or registering on the web site of Iversta Rentals Inc. you accept our Privacy Policy in full without any restriction to any part.

The website should be used only by responsible person of 18 years old or above.  Iversta Rentals Inc. site is not designed for children use. We can’t process bookings, requests or so, from any minors.

We collect our web site visitors private information in order to process our vehicles reservation online, to register members account, to improve our services , to develop efficient communication and to speed up delivery of all important  information to you, our customers. Private Information we require from you may contain your Name, Address, Telephone number, Flight  number, E-mail address, or any other information available publicly. This information can be received from you through online booking, membership application, applying for offers or coupons, telephone reservations, site office reservation and delivery or in any other form which allows us to process your request, orders or provide you with the discount prices or corporate offers.

By signing up with us for any of our available services you confirm that you agree to share with us your private information by your free will, and you consent that your private information may be stored in any form on our servers, paper files or in any other form of information storage means. If you disagree with this Privacy Policy you are not obliged to share your private information and should not use this web site for any reservations processing or membership applications.

At the time when you visit Iversta Rentals Inc. web site we collect you IP address(Internet Protocol) information regardless to the fact that reservation, membership request , or any other requests were signed in or processed or not. This information is collected for our internal use, in order to monitor site performance and to restrict any violation and spam.

We do not control and do not take responsibility, liability and do not guarantee the privacy of your information collected through the partner`s or third party web sites, containing links to our web site. The same concerns the web sites links to which are available on our web site.

All your personal data collected through our sources may be used/shared with Iversta Rentals Inc.  employee, affiliates and franchises for internal or operational use and will not be shared with any third party companies, unless it`s required to process frequent flyer points, rewards or any other third party members or promotional benefits or coupons.

Iversta Rentals Inc. taking all reasonable technical and managerial measures maintaining secure data storage environment and to protect it against loss, disclosure, unauthorized access, etc.

Iversta Rentals Inc. leaves the rights to retain all personal data for as long as necessary for our business operation.

If you would like to change, renew or restrict the use of your personal information in our database, please contact our customer service department through Inquiry/ Feedback form in the Customer Service Menu or by calling directly to our Customer Service line at any time.

This Agreement shall be governed by the law of province of Ontario. If, at any time any part of this agreement will be announced by court as unlawful, void or invalid, it should not affect the validity of all the remaining parts of the agreement.